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    Is it true? nosarahlikeme

    Is it true that if you fail maths you fail the leaving cert??

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      unfortunately yes :(

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      can you pass on attempt marks??

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      You might barely pass :P i'm not sure

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      Thats not true at all. If you fail maths you fail maths. You cant "fail" your Leaving Cert.

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      People just say that you fail the leaving if you fail maths because maths is a required subject for most college courses. You fail the leaving if you fail 3 subjects I think but you don't fail the leaving if you just failed maths :)

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      you won't get into a majority of courses if you fail maths

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      I hate to be the barer of bad news, but there are 2 manditory subjects on the leavin cert and those are English and Maths, if you fail either, you do fail your whole leaving cert. Tbh, I would be worrying to much, LC is broken but, that can help you too. I did the honors paper, so I don't know what the paper was like, but it seems everyone had difficulty with it. As a result, you can be sure that if you at least attempted every question, or most, you have a good chance of passing

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      I made a spelling mistake, damn phone!!! I ment to say I WOULDN'T worry too much about it.

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