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    L.C Project Maths Tips! Adam56085

    Hey guys. Just new onto this but was just thinking of setting up a topic whereby anyone can comment on this post including some useful tips and tricks that they do to help them at Maths. We all know how tough this subject is so lets help each other by sharing some useful methods of learning different chapters in L.C HL Maths. Thanks guys

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      One of the things I find really helps me is getting an additional book to the maths book you already use in school. You'd be surprised how much stuff can be left out in one and added to the other i.e definitions, explanations, useful questions etc

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      Leaving Cert project maths entails a lot of higher order thinking. I would suggest nailing the basics of every topic and then applying them to the questions. Dont get too bogged down focusing on one particular topic. Approach every question with an open mind as any part of the course can be used to answer any question in either paper. Good luck in your forthcoming examinations.

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      This will help

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