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Last minute doubt about levels
aballofstress Leaving Cert Mathematics — 11/06/16 11

I'm really unsure about whether to do the higher level exam on Friday, I have done two pres and in the first one got 38% and in the second 45% but in the second pre I did have a slight idea what was coming up! I have consistently passed class tests but I'm not extremely confident in my abilities. I want to do primary teaching and if I fail maths I wont be able to do it, so I don't know whether to take the risk? my other subjects up to this point have been better points wise but my music practicals didn't go well so I'm afraid I wont do as well as I need in that subject. Any advise, PLEASE?

katelynhanley — 07/06/16
If you don't need the higher level maths I honestly would just drop to pass maths, it'll give you more time over the weekend also to study Irish and any other subjects you have, it's not worth it risking it and not being able to go to college on September. But if you believe youll pass then then stay with it
taengoogle.09 — 07/06/16
I think you'd pass. 38% is honestly a good mock score. Remember that they always change the marking scheme. I think it'd be harder to just drop down on Friday. Email your teacher right away, he/she would know the best for you.
caitlin.connolly.5201 — 07/06/16
Also remember that the Maths ordinary level is actually quite different its not simply an easier level of the same topics as higher ,questions are asked differently to higher level.Saying that you certainly won't fail it having done higher all year but I agree maybe contact your teacher ,Good luck ! :D
MAYYAMIMI — 07/06/16
I am pretty sure you will pass if you are getting those percentages
MAYYAMIMI — 07/06/16
If you look at the past marking schemes they make the first few parts worth more than the more difficult parts They do this to make people pass
MAYYAMIMI — 07/06/16
If they don't adjust the marking schemes a lot of people would fail at higher level
MAYYAMIMI — 07/06/16
A lot of people are afraid of failing but nearly all pass Last year more than half of the people failed in the mocks but there was nobody who failed the real exam
Fionn_1742 — 09/06/16
if i were you i would spend this time studying the marking scheme. Sounds crazy but you can get 55% without getting a single question right. just no matter what always right something on the page, even if you have no idea what formula to use, right them all down and fill them in with random numbers, if one of them is the right one thats partial credits right there. Also just learn all the proofs Guaranteed marks
MM97 — 09/06/16
Do NOT drop at this late stage. Ordinary is quite different as a previous post says. You may only come out with a c. You will pass higher with your previous results. Just try EVERY question. You've done the work. It would be a waste to drop now. GOOD LUCK
aballofstress — 09/06/16
Thank you all so much for the advice, I've decided to do it and just hope for the best! Good luck to you all :)
taengoogle.09 — 11/06/16
I hope you didn't regret it because it is a very good paper (just that there's no financial maths) but well done to you!
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