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    Leaving Cert Predictions 2015 sullivan124

    Feel free to share topics and questions that you think will appear on the Project Maths exam this summer.

    I think Financial Maths will definitely be on the paper because we didn't see it on last year.

    I don't think we will see alot of Calculus this year also , way too much of it last year.

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      I'm thinking proof by conradiction and recurring decimals?

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      Explaining the meaning of P-Values is almost definite to come up

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      Forgot to mention this is higher level only!!

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      Yea, definition of p values.

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      Will we get enlargments??

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      Definitely "proof for demoivres theorem"

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      Differentiation and Integration, Max/Min poibus, point of inflexion

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      what is the definition of p values?? my maths book deals with these chapters very badly.

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      My grinds teacher said the question we will get on P-values will possibly be identical to the question 3 on the SEC sample questions for the new chapter that was sent out

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      proof by induction also know well

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      Update: The new Chief examiner for maths who only came in for last years paper is a bit clear on the topics he likes. He hates financial maths and thinks its silly its in the Leaving Cert Hrs. Maths exam because all it consists of is applying formulas to a question and no logical thinking.

      Hence there was no question on financial maths in last years paper. So if i were you, don't be freaking out about Financial maths, expect to see a simple/basic 25mark question on it. I wouldn't be surprised either if he left it off the paper again.

      NB: His favourite topic is Number patterns, Sequences and series!!

      If i recall we got 2 questions on series last year.

      So if you haven't started studying yet or don't know where to look first, know Sequences and series like the back of your hand.

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      Sorry if this is a boring answer, but one of the stated aims of Project Maths is to avoid predictability in exams.

      Also, there is very little track record of actual Project Maths exams, so even if you like to spot trends, its hard to do so over a small number of years.

      Our advice is to be very very wary of predictions, especially those who claim to have an insight into the mind of the chief examiner. That is actually pretty laughable to be honest.

      You only have to look at the contradictory advice already in this thread e.g. financial maths WILL come up, versus financial maths WON'T come up, versus financial maths MIGHT come up etc. Not to be rude but that is pure speculation. It's on the course so it may well come up, so don't leave it off your revision if you want to be able to answer all questions (and remember there is no element of choice now).

      You're better off to make sure you know your basic maths really well, and to build up your understanding and skills in all 5 strands as much as possible. Don't avoid your weak areas - at least get the basics sorted and you can still score quite well in the exam. Get your exam technique sorted. Try out past papers, including official sample papers.

      It might be more fun to speculate about what is going to come up, but it's not the best use of your time, so please exercise lots of care and don't put too much faith in it :-)

      Hope that helps a few people to avoid a big let-down on the day,

      Eamonn -

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      What do you mean there's no choice anymore?? Is Q6 gone?

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      Question 6 is still there but it has no element of choice any more.

      Hi Nicola,

      every question on the paper, whether LCO or LCH, is mandatory.

      You'll see choice in Q6 Geometry in the past papers, but that was then, not any more.

      Eamonn -

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      Thanks Eamonn, I had no idea! So is Q6 still set as geometry or a theorem or could any topic come up?

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      Hi Nicola,

      we don't know where geometry will appear. It may or may not be Q6. They could ask it anywhere, whether in section A or Section B.

      They can ask any part of the course e.g. do a construction, prove a theorem, do a "cut" i.e. solve a geometry problem. Or it could be part of a Contexts and Applications question.


      Eamonn -

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      Ok great thanks a million for that!

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      Feel free to let your friends know, as they may be thinking there is some choice.


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      Any quick predictions of what to look over for paper one tomoz ?

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      is the theorems paper one or paper two??

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      Proof by contradiction and possibly to contrast it ... Prove de Moivre .. And binomial theorem??

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      Construct it I meant

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      can i ask quickly is paper one based on book one and paper 2 based on book two? if someone could reply quickly it would mean a lot

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      Depends which publisher.

      Paper 1 is Algebra, Number, Functions, Calculus and possibly area and volume.

      Eamonn -

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      thank you very much!

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      what kind of things come up in paper 2 OL Leaving cert 2015?. Paper 1 was horrible!

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      16. Circumcentre and circumcircle of a given triangle

      17. Incentre and incircle of a triangle of a given triangle

      18. Angle of 60' without using protractor or set-square

      19. Tangent to a given circle at a given point on it

      20. Parallelogram, given the length of the sides and the measure of the angles

      21. Centroid of a triangle

      would learning only these constructions be enough, or do people generally learn all 22!

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