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Marks for correct answer not fully correct method?
Eoin Duignan Leaving Cert Mathematics — 21/05/16 3

Should you get full marks in a part of a question if you get the correct answer with the method not fully correct or by just using trial and error? I just got my latest mock result and got 31% in paper 2. I got 43% in paper 1 which is 37% overall. However in the paper 2 I lost out on 25 marks of which all my answers were correct for them 25 marks That is over 8 percent. Which would have given me 41% overall and the pass needed. Some of the questions I knew the answer and so tried to explain how I got it but didn't explain it fully right. Others like solve for x I tried trial and error and got the correct answer. So like how many seconds for something to move above 30cm with 33sin(45t)° as equation. I just said 33sin(45x1.45)=30 30=30 so 1.45 seconds. I just kept subbing in values into my calculator like 1 was too little then 2 was too much. 1.5 just over and then 1.45 for time gave 30. I was told by another teacher once you get the right answer you should get given full marks but if you get the answer wrong and no work/ completely inaccurate work is shown you get zero marks. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Lol Destroyer — 20/05/16
You would have got full marks before the syallubus changed in 2012 but since then the marks are given on the method and the result. However, maybe if you wrote trail and error and subbed in 3 values on the paper, you may get full marks because trail and error is a valid method. It also depends on the examiner.
Eoin Duignan — 20/05/16
I thought it was the opposite. Before new course no marks with new course you would get marks. The examiner we had marked it really hard and was using the old marking system. My teacher agreed she used the old marking system which is a joke. So you didn't get 4/10 for any correct step. She gave 2/10 for any correct step. Maybe with the trial and error she used old system. 2/10 and even 0/10 for right answer wrong explanation surely isn't right. And people getting 7/10 for not getting right answer. I suppose though a lot depends on the examiner you get correcting your paper.
O' Dwyer — 21/05/16
It's all in like a set marking scheme: so for some quesions they would have the option of 10,7,5,3,0 or just 10,0 . But, project maths is all abut using logic to get to the answer so if they see you using the correct logic to get to the answer but you dont finish you will only get 7/10. but see something trial and error wont be applicable for the questions as there is loads and loads of different methods for allocating points!!
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