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Maths 2016 DEBS paper 2 for 2015 DEBS PAPER 1 AND 2
michaels Leaving Cert Mathematics — 04/06/16 1

Does anyone have paper two DEBS and I'll trade for both paper 1 and 2 for 2015 To prove I have it The topics for 2015 DEBS are Paper 1: Geometric sequences on social networking functions complex numbers another functions question algebra functions again(graphs) Exponential equation Area question Financial Maths Paper 2 Equation of a line Trig + construction Prob Equation of a circle Trig Proof on line being parallel and cutting in a ratio Stats Confidence intervals Area

michaels — 04/06/16
Also email me haroldkidd101@gmail.com and only sending it to the first person. And goodluck guys
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