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    Maths H.L tinash

    So I am going onto 5th year and I probably failed the Junior Cert Maths cause I literally never passed Maths! Anyway , I was wondering if I FAIL , should I have to move to ordinary level? I really need higher level ..

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      Our teacher told us to consider doing ordinary level if we got less than a c in maths but wait and see how you get on first and maybe talk to your teacher about it

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      You should always try it first and then decide!

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      I can guarantee you will NOT fail maths at junior cert, 0.2 percent of students fail so you have not failed, the department try their very best to not fail a junior cert student as it discourages them, so you have almost likely not failed, if you like maths do higher lvl

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      I am going on to 5th year as well but here is the thing, if you fail higher maths in jc, and you want to do higher maths in lc then it is up to you, no one can stop you from doing whatever level you want to do, but keep in mind that it would be a lot of work.

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      Hey! If you were constantly struggling with maths at Junior Cert of course its going to be a challenge for you. But if you really need HL maths for Leaving Cert everything is possible if you work hard and don't give up before you have started. Good luck.:D

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      Well said VampireBlue1234

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      I have a friend who failed his maths last year and didn't want to do ordinary level because planned to do engineering. all of fifth year he passed every test and got a C3 in summer exams!

      It is do-able but lots of effort needs to be put in

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      Well said!! earlier comment

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      Thank you eadaoin

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      they might recommend pass to you originally, but do take the challenge of honours. i got my parents to get the new honours maths book and at a glance, the course looks rather do-able if you sit down and focus. if you do struggle with maths, maybe every weekend take 1-2 hours out of your time not including homework and practice the sums you did during the week. it will help you to understand the work more and hopefully youll be able to achieve high grades in maths. most colleges in ireland say to get in the course you need a B in pass or a D in higher level, so going to pass wouldnt be the worst. in my school out of 40 people starting honours maths in 5th year, only about 8 actually sit the exam in honours, so you will be accommodated for your course even with a decent ordinary level grade

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      Well said ^^

      Is there many courses that require higher level maths? I know a C3 is needed for Engineering

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      not too many. it really depends on the demand for the course. i am interested in doing general engineering in UCD where this year i think 510 points were needed whereas in recent years less than 500 was the average, due to it being in high demand. if the course is very popular, to get the points and to get your foot into the door, it looks better if you did honours maths rather than pass

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      Yeah your right!

      Currently I'm doing higher level and it's going good!

      How are you finding the course?

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      Its also doing good and I'm doing applied maths and physics with it so they all help each other. I haven't started algebra but at a look it is easy enough

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      Yeah great combinations to have with the maths! Fair play :)

      The algebra is grand. We've done most of paper 1 topics and just have the paper two to do.

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      Me myself I want to do medicine and having the higher level maths is a huge bonus for the points

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      ya sure if you want to do medicine, you need as close as 600 points so honours maths is kind off a must for you. engineering and science- maths related really do need honours maths as they are based on honours maths levels

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      Yeah. In summer tests if u add up points it's 550 and I made stupid mistakes in my chemistry one so I'll be trying to get it up to 570 for June 2016..

      How are you going with the points you need for general engineering?

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      im actually only going onto 5th year now so i havent really done much of the course but i did a bit of maths and since i excel at maths thats why i went through a good bit of the honours book and found it easy. id have a different points system now because i will be sitting the exam in 2017, but if i base my last exams on grades, because ive always done similar subjects, id say roughly about the 560 mark in the normal points system with english being my downfall as i usually get a B2 compared to the rest of my subjects where id aim for As

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      Oh, best of luck with results!!

      Well done for being motivated!

      I went through the honours maths book after my JC and it's really worth to have an idea of what to expect when you go to fifth year!

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      Are you just after doing Jc?

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      I seen the new points system for 2017 onwards... What do you think of it ?

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      eadaoin, you only really need 550 for medicine as all 5 points after that only count for 1

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      Omg Chris241197 I didn't know that!!

      Why do they only count as one do you know??

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      so medicine points don't go too high, this only applies to medicine

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      Ohh!! Wow I had no idea.

      Have a really bad guidance counsellor!

      Thanks for letting me know!

      Do you have an interest in studying medicine ?

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      ya i want to do medicine , im going into sixth year u?

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      Yeah going into 6th year..

      Do you do chemistry and if so how do you find it?

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      yes I do applied, chem , biology and physics , I got a1 in chem summer however I find it most challenging out of all (but i do find all sciences easy , not boasting)

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      Wow! Lucky you got to do all three.. Bio and physics were on the same line.

      I'm ususally an A student in chemistry but went down in the summer exam..

      I definitely agree it's the most challenging out of the three

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      What's your secret to doing so well in chemistry?

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      Im a boy, only jking , What do u find hard?

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      Judging from my sumemr exam I would say the whole trends in the periodic table and the theories of Catalysis.. Rest I'm all good with.

      How about you??

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      Yes, I find learning titrations the most hard but as u say rest is easy , do u do physics?

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      No unfortunately.. Really wanted to do it but I biology was on at the same time!

      Was going to do it by myself but guidance counsellor wouldn't allow me to :(

      How do you find it?

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      I actually do it by myself, ha your guidance teacher must be.......... good at their job, my guidance teacher told me to go :)

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      for it

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      OMG you have no idea.. She's ridiculous!

      Anything she tells us we have to go double check..

      She's not cut out for guidance either!

      It's good u have one who is supportive!!

      How do you find it doing it yourself?

      Would you say it would be too late to start now myself and do the course?

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      I just started a few months ago, done most of it this summer and 3/4 done but that's probably cos im doing applied math

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      which college would you do medicine in?

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      It's great to have the applied maths!

      I'm thinking of keeping applied maths on and decide after mocks whether to do the exam.

      Wow! That's amazing you have it almost done, I'd say the app maths does help!

      How about your other subjects.. Irish and English?? How do u find them

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      English is probably an A, irish and french got a at junior cert but cannot be bothered to even study for them as I now have my best six so....why should I study for them :-)

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      Im applying to UCD, TCD and RSCI

      I would love to go to the royal college of surgeons or trinity.

      How about you??

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      Haha. I agree. I do honours in Irish and french and I do the bare minimum probably bad but..

      Geography, maths and my sciences most important to me! 😂

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      Nuig only as I dont want to go far , and the points are low

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      Id say NUIG would be same as RCSI**

      I'm in the midlands so Dublin would be handiest for me..

      Your out the west?

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      yup I am , how is the HPAT for u?

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      To be honest I haven't done much on the HPAT.. Few sample papers.

      Some questions are tricky but do able.

      Ordering the Acer official study ebook this week.

      How do u find it?

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      ok, I think that will be the biggest obstacle for me , I want to get around 200,

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      is that ebook a guide or sample papers?

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      I'm not sure.

      I think it has a few samples and I think there's a guide in it.

      I'm searching for it online.

      Few people who did it recommended it.

      It's €22 but you can get it for a discount when you register for HPAT.

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      does ead mean jealousy in irish? :)

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      Yup it is :)

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      really? so wat does ur name mean?

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      I don't know why Eadaoin is my name on this.

      My name is actually Saoirse-- That means freedom.

      my sister is called Eadaoin. think I used it for username.

      Im almost sure it means jealousy

      I'll double check

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      well been gud talking 2 u :) maybe we will meet as doctors lol

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      who knows :)

      for the HPAT is it all in the one center??

      what type of doctor do you want to be??

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      No hpat is all over in different centres , I want to be nephrologist u?

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      I want to be a Otolaryngologist :)

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      What makes you want to be nephrologist?

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      good on you for spelling it right

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      gtg TTYL

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      haha.. I only know because I see one for my hearing loss.

      I cant pronounce it tho haha

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      talk soon :)

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      ya i just did the junior cert in june and it was handy enough. im personally not a fan of the new leaving cert points system, because it drops the level for honours. i think its a great idea for weaker students, but i would love to get the course done by october in 6th year so i can really revise well, but i know that weaker students will hold me back. it was kind off my problem during jc honours maths and my class didnt have graphs or functions covered for the pre so the fail rate was high. luckily i got help as i was panicking and ended up doing 6 months of the course in 4 days but it was worth it as i got an A in the pre

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      Yeah. I know what you mean about weaker students holding up the classes!

      Thank god most of mine are about 20 in every and I'm all honours so about 95% of class are serious enough to work and get the course work done!

      What subjects do you plan to do for LC?

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      im planning to do maths, english, irish, german, applied maths, physics, geography and DCG. i dont know if i got them for sure do you think they are a good mix? i know a lot of people said to try to do a subject where project work is required because its just easier to go into the exam knowing you have a certain percentage in the bag and i kind off went off that, the fact i like maths and that they are generally requirements to get into engineering

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      Looks a good mix for sure! 😃

      Also you said u wanted to do general engineering??

      R u going to do engineering as well?

      DCG and geography are grand.

      Physics and applied maths great for engineering and also doing them two will compliment with maths as well :)

      Good choices :)

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      I'd love to do it in trinity or the royal college of surgeons. UCD would be a great university as well! I'll probably apply to those 3 and see.

      Civil Engineering is very good. I hear good money as well.

      If you want to do engineering, it's clear your passionate about it so I wouldn't let anything hold you back!

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      UCC would be a good one but too far from the Midlands. 5 hours up and down to Cork, whereas Dublin is an hour away!

      Is your sister doing the LC this year ?

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      Are ye twins ?

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      What's it like being a twin :)

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      Well didn't except these ^^^^^^^ c: made me smile. Thanks guys. Midlands Saoirse , meath or westmeath?

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      Offaly :)

      Sorry got carried away with the conversation


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      Don't worry about it , it's grand c:

      That's pretty cool

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      Have u ever been in Offaly?


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      Unfortunately nope. My mum is so freaking protective of me that she won't even let me go outside my house tbh

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