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    Maths problem 🎀 tara2013

    Does anyone know the key steps to solving this maths problem...

    Find the point of contact Q of the tangent, t: 4x+3y+13=0, to the circle , s: x^2 +y^2-6x-16=0.

    Find the distance from the centre to a chord of length 8.

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      for the first one you should get x in terms of y or vice versa for the tangent and sub into the circle equation, after sub back the value you get to find the other corresponding value, and im not sure about the 2nd part!

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      Thank you👑

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      Does anyone else know how to find the last part to this question?😝

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      If you join the end points of the chord to the centre, you will form an isosceles triangle, with 2 sides having length = the radius (which you can find out from your circle equation).

      You also know the length of the chord. If you drop a perpendicular to the chord (to get the perp distance) then you have a right angle triangle, with one side = 4, and the other = radius. You can use what you have found, to calculate the perp distance, using Pythagoras.

      Eamonn -

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      Thank you, I really appreciate your help.

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