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    Maths videos to help you out over the next few weeks. Patrickmaye

    Hi, I'm a teacher in Naas and I've made some videos to help you out with your revision over the next few weeks. Here's the link to my youtube channel

    At the moment it mostly LCHL algebra videos, I'm working on the trigonometry videos this week and will continue putting up videos for the next few weeks. If you want me to make any specific videos on any topic or want me to do any particular quastion you are stuck on then leave a comment and I'll see what I'll try my best to get a video up for you soon.

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      Hi Patrick,

      It is fantastic to get more resources, especially high quality resources! I was just wondering could you cover some calculus for LCHL, including some of the rates of change type questions and maybe a bit on probability on independent events.


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      Sure no problem, I'll have a look at those after I finish off the trig videos.

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      Thanks! :D

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      Any JC ones?

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      Not yet, I was aiming to get the LC ones done first but if you have something in particular that you are stuck on let me know and I'll make a video on it.

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      That's grand. I think I'm not majorly stuck on anything but I'll let you know if I need any help.

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      do you have any for OL? :)

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      only HL at the moment but if there's something you're looking for I can do it soon.

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      financial maths at ordinary level would be great if you could

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      Sure no problem

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      Here are links to new videos uploaded today:

      Sine Rule

      Cosine Rule

      Sine Rule Ambiguous Case

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      Can you make a video for JC HL functions please?

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      I know you make HL Maths videos, are any of them suitable for OL? (LC)

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      Aoife, here is a link to the functions video requested:

      Taia, most of the algebra videos I have are relevant to OL also. I go through it quite quickly so it might be a bit difficult but if you take your time with them and try out the questions yourself then they might help you out.

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      Really helpful! Just to let you know, the factor theorem just brings you to the same video, but I understand it anyway

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      Could you do surds, and trigonometry everything? If you can

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      The Maths are great!!!

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      Thanks Aoife I'll fix thank link tomorrow.

      Needhelp101, what year and level are you? currently working on all the LCHL trigonometry and I'll have more up tomorrow.

      Eadaoin, I also recommend!!!!

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      Could you do some rates of change videos please if you get a chance??

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      appreciate it

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      could you do one on HL probability? I am so stuck on that! really appreciate it!

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      If you get a chance, could you do LCOL Sample B Paper 2 Q1 please? Thanks

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      Sarah, which papers are you using?

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      This is so helpful thank you so much!

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      Six new videos uploaded today, all on trigonometry. There is a mix of basic 1st/2nd year stuff up to a LCHL word problem. Check them out and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube to get all the updates.

      Naming sides of a right angle triangle and introduction to sin, cos and tan:

      How to calculate the sin, cos and tan of an angle:

      How to calculate an angle using sin, cos and tan:

      How to calculate a side using sin, cos and tan:

      Word problem, how far is the boat from the cliff:

      Word problem, how high is the building with a wall blocking the building (two triangles needed):

      Tomorrow I will try to do some rates of change as requested and maybe some surds and LCOL Sample Paper 2 Q1 if I can find it.

      If anyone else has any requests please put your level and JC/LC too.

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      Edco, thank you.

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      Hi Partick, If you have time could you do a video on trapezoidal rule LC OL like 2014 Sample Paper 2 Section 1 Question 5? Thanks.

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      Dear Mr.Maye

      Please would you be able to create a revision video on series and sequence.

      I would really appreciate it.

      Thank you

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      Sorry Patrick I don't want to bother you again but can you do another JC HL functions video with some harder questions and maybe a graphing question. I'm still a bit cloudy on it.

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      Can you do a video on construction please

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      Hi do you have any notes on geometry and changing the subject of a formula? Would really appreciate it, jc hl

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      How do you get the interquartile range? Thanks in advance.

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      Hi could you please do some junior cert topics: I really need financial maths, constructions and algebra if at all possible>?

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      Could you do videos on differential calculus? They would be really helpful! Thanks

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