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New Concise Project Maths - HL & OL Textbook Solutions
by Pádraic_8742 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 05/06/17 26

I have all solutions for New Concise Project Maths textbook if anyone wants them. Just leave a message

Ray_1936 — 06/06/16
Please send me both HL and OL solutions! raykinane@gmail Thanks :)
Ray_1936 — 08/06/16
Didn't get them :(
mhassan678 — 08/06/16
Cant you send it to misbahulhassan1998@hotmail.com OL Please
mhassan678 — 08/06/16
Can you*
Ttomk1111 — 08/06/16
Please send it to kiely95@gmail.com Thanks!
Pádraic_8742 — 08/06/16
Uploading them now. Sorry had not time to check emails over last two days.
michaels — 08/06/16
Send them haroldkidd101@gmail.com
Pádraic_8742 — 08/06/16
All uploaded!
Phteven — 08/06/16
Send them here please! Corancorp@gmail.com
Pádraic_8742 — 08/06/16
Pádraic_8742 — 08/06/16
If anyone has an issue with that link let me know. I think the folder is on public now so anyone can access. Go n-éirí an bóthar libhse sna scrúduithe ar an Aoine agus ar an Luan!
marosull — 22/11/16
Can you please email these to me. marosull@aol.com
lauramcc2013 — 24/11/16
Can you send me them please! lauramccallig@gmail.com
dcb17 — 26/11/16
Hi, can you send to dagmara.b17@gmail.com. I can't access the file for some reason. Thanks :)
rana1999 — 30/11/16
i am not able to open this can u plz send me on seemarana748@gmail,com
sophiacarr99 — 03/12/16
Hi can you send the HL solutions to sophiacarr2017@gmail.com please!
O Furlong — 29/12/16
Any chance ya can send those on aswell brendanfurlong@live.ie Cheers
Salome — 10/01/17
Hi could you send those solutions to me please? salomeMbrennan@gmail.com
precious — 11/02/17
can I pls have the hl ones preciousa1119@gmail.com
Bres — 02/03/17
Can you please email these to aoifebres19@gmail.com
Study1212 — 28/03/17
It says it's deleted :/
ninamh — 02/04/17
Can you please email both HL and OL to me? ninamh94@gmail.com Thanks
mfeely99 — 03/04/17
Can you please email them to mcandpgoods@gmail.com
CarrieLoft123 — 31/05/17
Can you send them OL to Carrieloftus5@gmail.com
dtoal — 02/06/17
Great video for revision here guys goes through worked solutions of exam style questions from textbook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpEaEbPoJu0
Pádraic_8742 — 05/06/17
Please find the solutions by using the below link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtHxAsogw-lIb6a9fuf2xYiApVY
Uploading attachment...