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    OL answer discussion Michaelirish

    Were the two lengths in the complex no. Q root 13 and 3? Also, what is a quadratic series?

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      I got root 13 and 3 !

      also, a quadratic sequence is a sequence where the second difference is always the same (like how in the question the second difference was always 2)

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      No I think the answer was root 13 = root 13. The answer to the first question in complex numbers was 5+i not 5-i

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      Okay maybe that where I went wrong? Also it was 13 deliveries fr the last part of q 1?

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      Not I think it was 8 deliveries :/ that is what I got but can anyone else confirm that?

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      it was root 13 = root 13 and yes it was 8 deliveries

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