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    OL Math paper 1 Opinions? Michael_4289

    I found this paper today fairly easy! However I don't think my simultanious equation was right for Q3 :/ my two answers were decimals, anyone else get this?

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      fairly certain i got whole numbers for that answer! found it extremely easy which worries me for paper two so im gonna put a lot of time into that this weekend!

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      I thought it was relatively easy too! The complex number question was so simple compared to last years but the only one I found difficult was getting the area(A) for Q8 in the table. Other than that it was fine :)

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      Thanks haggybeapig! Hope i get some sort of attempt marks. I got on fine in Q8 apart from part A and the last two parts of it!

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      I dropped down on the day so I could get an A in everything and the HL paper was relatively easy :'(

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      Easiest ordinary paper 1 ever

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      Walked out of the exam hall after 45 minutes lol, finished the exam and double checked everything, that paper was piss

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