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    Ordinary Level. jamielovesmusic123

    So , Here I am starting new chapters this year for Maths, We are currently on Co-Ordinate Geometry : The Line , I am finding Maths really difficult and have not passed a single Maths test in class EVER... No matter how many times I practice Questions over and over again it still doesn't sink in... Does anyone have any suggestions because the course just gets harder and harder and I am worried that I won't at least PASS (D3) Maths in my Leaving Cert......

    Thanks :)

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      try get grinds... it might hellp cause i was going through that before and once i got grinds with a new teacher he explained everything better than my other teacher and now im up around the B1 area. it takes a lot of work though...

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      Hey Jamie ! I can totally relate to you. I'm not in 6th year yet but during the JC honours maths (based on OL LC)was sooo challenging for me. I think that if you think only about yourself and don't compare yourself to the best in the class. I ended getting the same mark as one of the top guys in the class because I worked at it. I thought it would never sink in but eventually it connected and I could attempt questions on my own. I know it can feel like your defeated but honestly don't give up. If you can afford grinds great but if not there may be someone in your family who can help you. I also used Khan Academy that's great and Less Stress More .Success also helped me. Hope this helps.

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      Maybe at the end of class ask your teacher for help if they have a free class during religion.

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      Thanks for all the help guys! , Much appreciated :)

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      And I actually passed my maths test for the first time ever last week!! :)

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      Hi, I am selling all Math notes with great English explanations that made it so easy to learn.

      Selling on EBay for €25, if you would like, just let me know!

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      Also, I got and A2 in OL

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      Fair play Jamie see I told you things would get better :D

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      i would need help with this a sector of a circle . centre B and radius BC , is drawn isnide ABCD as shown by the shaded region

      find the area of the sector , correct to the nearest to one decimal place and cant send a page or anything becayse the teacher gave me a work sheet

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