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* Ordinary Paper 1 *
Gazza1997 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 11/06/16 12

What did you guys think of the paper? I thought it was very straight forward and very happy with it

Chelle97 — 10/06/16
easy! except for question 8 at the end i didnt get it
265/625 — 10/06/16
Very nice paper. Didn't get Q8 at all. Anybody want to try and explain what one was meant to do (Especially getting the values for the graph)?
Chelle97 — 10/06/16
everyone was saying the graph might be wrong it was off
Josh_6535 — 10/06/16
Thought it was easy enough, I messed up the financial maths I wrote the percentage wrong, and I couldn't get the first part of question 8 but the rest was grand
OrlaOM — 10/06/16
Thought q1 and 2 were easy, Q8 was abit tricky didn't really know how to answer it all but rest of the paper in general was good, alot better than last years
treacytara — 10/06/16
Lovely paper. It took me forever but I think I figured out Q8. Don't know though
James_1442 — 10/06/16
All easy, Q8's graph wasn't off for anyone wondering, the question will worked out
studydate — 10/06/16
Was x=5m and y=5.5m ?
Michael_4289 — 10/06/16
In order to get the Area for the graph in question 8 you had to multiply the top(x) by the bottom(y)! Worked out for me! How did everyone do with the simultanious equation in Q3?
Gilman Burke — 10/06/16
studydate yeah it was
Gilman Burke — 10/06/16
Got whole numbers for the sim eq
Elaine170997 — 11/06/16
So easy that I think I made stupid mistakes. I didn't find Q8 as hard as everybody is making it sound, but then again I could've gotten it wrong! Nice straightforward paper though. I'd say paper 2 would be harder
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