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    Paper 1 Help? jozx7r

    For first principles, I done it out & had it right but I had thought I was wrong, so I put a diagonal line through it & put a mark on the page saying "Answer on rough page" & done it out again with a different ending on the rough page.. Will they still give me marks for it since I got it right? Or since I put the diagonal line through it will they disregard it?

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      I think you'll get marks for it. The real question is how did you get first principles wrong....?

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      For that question did you have to square out the equation first or differentiate it first or what? 😳

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      That's the thing, I didn't get it wrong, I got it right! But I thought I had got it wrong so I tried to redo it again :( I thought I had it wrong because I differentiated the question in my head & had it wrong so it didn't match the actual correct answer that I had written! Yeah it was much much easier if you multiplied it out first, otherwise it would have been more difficult

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      If there's only one line through the anything they correct it

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      Really?! That makes me feel much more at ease .. I just put one line through it in case I would get any low partial credit for it but realised coming out that it was acc right! Thank you!

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