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    Paper 1 opinions? cillbis

    How did you lot find it? Found there was maybe one question that might have stumped people entirely (parabola) other than that it wasn't too bad, in my opinion anyway. What do you think?

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      Ordinary or higher ?

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      Thought everything was fine 7 and 13 were the only tricky ones but I'll get some marks anyway

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      Thought that it was extremely tight for time..... Some of the questions were pretty tough (higher level)

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      couldnt believe there was no financial maths! chuffed!

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      Im glad others found it some way difficult.. Bar inductions, 1st principles and the simultaneous eqn i found it really hard. All ive been hearing is how 'easy' it was.

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      I couldn't find the formula for the parabola and I wasn't too sure how to find the angle but other than that it was nice

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      How did people find the angle?

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      John smith234

      I thought paper 1 was good, did anyone else feel like there was loads of unnecessary time? i was finished well before the 2 and a half hours.

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      John smith234

      For ordinary ^

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      Anyone else get 2.771 as the x cooridinate for the max point of the parabola??

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      Did anyone get fractions for the y coordinate for both the points of the simultaneous equations? One was like -15/11 ??

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      Aimer I got the same for the simultaneous

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      Woohoo 😁I had to do it twice because it wasn't working the first time

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      Yeah i got 2.771 as well...What did every get for 9 (i)

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      I got 7 stages I think for that part

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      I got 7 too! But did he just add them up or was there supposed to be a way of coming up with an equation??

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      Yeah I got 7 is well...I thought it was a fairly but I messed up the bloody simulations question

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      How did everyone get the equation for the parabole? I said the max was the vertex and put it into -(x-xmax)² + ymax and expanded?

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      How did you know that formula??

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      i used simultaneous eqns to get the parabola eqn

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      I'm not sure if it's right but for curves which are x² functions thats how you'd find the vertex or whatever it's called, i could've been completely wrong it was more of an educated guess

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      How did people tackle that question where you had to find the coordinates of the point it would travel indefinitely to, for part of the last question I think

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      did anyone else get (3.2, 1.6) for where the point the thing was travelling indefinitely to

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      I put down that it was heading towards 8 because it wasn't going past 7.9999

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      yep I got 3.2,1.6 too I think, I went to 8.00000 by adding up the contents of the table

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      I done simultaneous equations to find the equation of the parabola as well i messed up my proof by induction question and the inverse function one also unfortunately

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      For the parabola, I think it was just a matter of changing c which would translate, and c was 2. Not what I did in the exam :/ it was 7 stages for that twisty question I think

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      I got 8 stages when i filled into the geometric formula

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