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    PAPER 1 whatttttttttt ?? dcba

    How did ye find paper 1 ? the question about the barrels and the last question difficult ...

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      If you fail maths do you fail your leaving??

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      yeah^ that paper should be marked easier though everyone found it hard

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      I didnt think it was horrific but definitely harder than a pass paper usually is,not fair at all when students expected something easier and more like past papers. last question was brutal. and yeah its considered a failed leaving if you fail maths

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      Oh god what am I going to do like I answered everything but it was all rubbish, I only knew bits of questions!!

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      That was a horrendous paper. I nearly cried. I spent ages preparing for the typical paper one topics and anything that did come up was barely doable.

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      Is there any solutions up yet?

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      You don't fail your leaving if you fail maths. Where are people getting this from

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      Do you not??? Really?? ^^^^^

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      yea you do its a college requirement to pass higher level and to get a C3 in ordinary level, if you dont get either you cant go to college

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      It was a disgrace tbh I answered everything bar one question I left blank on the patterns and sequences. The format was completely different, definitely not the way we've been doing it in class when revising. Absolute joke. You do have to repeat if you fail Maths or English & not all courses need a OC3, my course is just a D3 in pass Maths so 40% would do. Tbh they can't exactly fail everyone doing pass Maths...

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      thats not true my friend failed higher maths last year and shes doing an arts degree in UCD so..

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      can we all complain to the sec about how hard it was and maybe they will consider marking it easier ?

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      I think some places still accept you if you fail maths but for a lot of colleges it will say all applicants must have a achieved a pass in the leaving cert or something like that. check your course requirements id say i have a friend who got an E in english which is a fail and he still got his course. but if you study really hard for paper two maybe you can scrape up a pass. hopefully they make the marking scheme easier,and hopefully paper 2 wont be like that

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      Personally after all the reading up I've been doing about it online, and seeing students country wide in tears and complaining on social networking sites, I feel they will have no choice but to tweak the marking scheme. Even some minister said it in the Irish Times that students shouldn't worry too much as the paper will be marked according to the level of difficulty. But as I strongly feel that I probably didn't pass paper 1, I'm now studying paper 2 really really well. I can NOT fail and hopefully if I do better on this one I will scrape a pass, that's all I need.

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      My friend said we should all email the SEC to talk about how difficult it was

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      We would have to get Everybody to email them cause a few won't make a difference you know?

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      Yeah I get it, but I've heard from my sister that there was something on TV about marking it easier now & like in all fairness it was difficult and they can't fail everybody

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      Well I heard that it took 4 accountants like 4 hours to figure out the last question so they have to mark it easier.

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      Good Luck tomorrow if Paper 2 is as bad as paper one was...

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