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paper 2 i need to pass
alannag98 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 12/06/16 8

never been as stressed out or worried about an exam in my life i think i passed paper one how do i just pass paper two i honestly just want the 40% and i will be over the moon

Andrew K — 12/06/16
You only need 38% to pass
fellipe_1 — 12/06/16
same as meself think i failed paper 1 though, and paper 2 will be much harder defo
alannag98 — 12/06/16
Caelin_5214 — 12/06/16
-Just write down the formulas that suit the question and fill in as much of the given numbers into it -Leave NOTHING blank, if you need an answer from a part a) to do a part b) make up an answer and try do as much as you can ATTEMPT MARKS ARE YOUR FRIEND
Lynn_8358 — 12/06/16
Hi there, 120 out of 300 is exactly 40% Basically you need to answer around 5 questions but no less than 4 and get them correct to pass. With that being said, if you are unsure what the question is asking you but you know you have to use a certain formula, write the formula down and you should receive attempt marks.
alannag98 — 12/06/16
last years paper was hard so should this years nt be easier?????
Lynn_8358 — 12/06/16
It could be easier and then again it could be the same. Just try your best to be as prepared as you can be, best of luck!
alannag98 — 12/06/16
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