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    Paper One Ordinary Level SarahJaneDoher3

    What are the timing recommendations for each question?

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      12.5 minutes for the 25 mark questions.

      I was told by my maths teacher to half the marks and that's your time

      e.g. 50 mark Q should take about 25 minutes

      this is for ordinary level not sure if its the same for higher level

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      thank you

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      Id say just stick to what it recommends on the paper, that always works out for me but if there is something you find easier spend less time on it and use the time saved for something more difficult. 💕

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      My bad just realised this is LC

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      welcome to the club fam

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      guys i think i did not do well in maths paper one is there a chance i could the foundation paper instead of the paper 2?

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      You cant drop down after you have done the first paper

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