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Proofs Paper 1 HL
Hnolan Leaving Cert Mathematics — 06/06/16 6

Does anyone have a list of all the proofs we need to know for HL paper one Maths? E.g prove root 2 is an irrational number etc. Thanks

TheAlanBolger — 04/06/16
The Proofs of Theorems 11,12 and 13 as well as all the trig. proofs like the cosine rule.
1282 — 05/06/16
Proof by contradiction
gillianh16 — 05/06/16
proof by induction
aimer — 05/06/16
Are they paper 1 or 2??
CaolanH — 05/06/16
Proof of De moivres theorem
what.the.matter.is.the — 06/06/16
Prove the amortisation formula.
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