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    Study tips for maths Katie_6415

    I'm in year 11 and I'm finding it hard to study maths. Would anyone have any tips??

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      understand the concepts ie basic idea on how to solve the question and then practice some exam papers or normal questions

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      i find it helpful to listen to music like the top charts, my teacher puts on music every day in school and its very helpful. it clears my mind from everything and i can concentrate easier :)

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      practice more questions, with maths making the concept and practicing it is key, however if you are confused with what a question is asking, then i suggest you pick out keywords from the question, for example with financial maths: if a question has the word, loan, mortgage, repayments in it, you should use the amortisation formula, or perhaps geometric series. you can use this trick for word problems. However with algebra and all, just practice.

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      some times I find doing out exam papers just doesn't work. I find that if you try explain it to some one or some thing it helps a lot because you are teaching that person or object and it helps you understand it

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