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Text & Tests Series (4 - 7) - Higher Level Official Solutions
by Pádraic_8742 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 09/01/18 33

Hey Guys, I have the official solutions for Text & Tests Books, 4 - 7, Higher Level. If you want them, leave a message or e-mail: 10Pmuldo@wicklowvec.ie. Also, looking for Effective Maths, 1 - 2, Higher Level Solutions. Possibly an exchange could be done. I also have the entire New Concise Project Maths Series Official Textbook Solutions to offer.

Nyahx — 31/08/16
Hey can u send me the solutions ??
Pádraic_8742 — 01/09/16
Which ones, Nyahx? Here is the Text & Tests: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ap-MYkH_XTpD5CR2b5L-b8XaJKMM
shaunacraig97 — 01/09/16
Could you send me the solutions pleasee
Pádraic_8742 — 01/09/16
The above link will work for everyone, Shaunacraig97. If any issues arise, don't hesitate to mention it!
shaunacraig97 — 01/09/16
Sorry just noticed that after I sent the message
Pudd — 21/09/16
there seems to be a problem downloading book 4 solutions?
sophie544 — 21/09/16
Hi could you send me book 4 and 6 solutions? sophier124@icloud.com thanks
sophie544 — 22/09/16
Or if you could send me all the text and tests that would be so helpful thanks!
JS — 03/10/16
Hi does anyone have the solutions to new concise maths texts please? TIA
jayne498 — 12/10/16
Hi could you send me the solutions to book 7 please!
ciara7373 — 12/10/16
hi do you have book 3 solutions??:)
adeyemo — 07/11/16
The solutions dont appear to be in the folder anymore
caoimhedoyle — 13/11/16
the link doesnt seem to be working?
flashgut — 13/11/16
This guy is fake
Pádraic_8742 — 14/11/16
For the Attention of the Named Persons of this Post Above, Please accept my sincere apologies for my late replying to your emails and requests in relation to the Text and Tests Solutions. A recent error with servers has caused access to this email address to be temporarily suspended. Please find below a link to ALL Solution PDFs for Text and Tests 4 - 7, Higher Level: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ap-MYkH_XTpD5EBoxC7yQfAg7CC- Also, you might have noted that I am currently looking for Effective Maths Solutions from my post of StudyClix. If you do have these solutions or possibly have knowledge of anyone that would, could you please inform me? It would be very much appreciated! As a final note, I wish you the very best of luck in your upcoming examinations. The key to Mathematics is practice of questions. Learning notes will do very little. It is a practical subject and requires physical and mental aspects from the body. If any of you are struggling with Mathematics, I am currently studying it in University so do not hesitate to ask for assistance.
Pádraic_8742 — 14/11/16
In relation to JS's request, please find below a link to the New Concise Project Maths Series Solutions for Higher and Ordinary Levels: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ap-MYkH_XTpDtip9_f_UXMs77xPf
flashgut — 14/11/16
Divya — 21/11/16
thank you
NiamhT123 — 06/01/17
I found these so helpful, thank you!
NiamhT123 — 06/01/17
Pádraic_8742 — 05/06/17
Please find the solutions by using the below link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtHxAsogw-lIgR-TsXBR__91dZbW
lauren1254 — 03/09/17
You're a saint!
Aineharkano — 05/09/17
Could you send me the link for the math solutions also please, the links aren't working for me
Big B — 05/09/17
Aine the latest one is working
Saudking — 06/09/17
Ava_5845 — 19/09/17
link wont work for me. could u send Book 4 to me please? ava.fox2001@icloud.com
Rois99 — 27/09/17
The book 4 will not work , please try and attach
neliuscotter9 — 11/11/17
solutions please
adamahon1 — 19/11/17
is there a text and tests 2 solutions?
Aileendoherty21 — 19/12/17
Can you please send me book 6
Saudking — 19/12/17
Yes please I want all .thank you my email is ssaud545@gmail.com
Miakulkarni — 06/01/18
I clicked on this link https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ap-MYkH_XTpD5CR2b5L-b8XaJKMM but it said that the item is no longer avaible, please help.
NithinMathews — 09/01/18
Hi could you please send me all of them (4-7)
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