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theorems for higher level
treasa98 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 26/05/16 8

Just wondering if the theorems for JC maths ever come up on the LC (HL) paper or can i just learn 11 12 and 13? any help appreciated :)

JackW — 18/05/16
You can only be asked to prove theorems 11-13. You should know all the theorems as questions may come up where you are required to use any theorem to solve a problem
Katieee0317 — 18/05/16
no hes wrong you can technically be asked to prove all jc theorems but it is mainly the lc ones that come up
treasa98 — 18/05/16
Thanks so much guys!
Katieee0317 — 18/05/16
no prob!!
JackW — 18/05/16
The syllabus says that you need to be able to prove theorems 11,12 and 13.
ciara252 — 26/05/16
I think its you can only be asked to formally prove theorems 11, 12 and 13 ( like proof, given, construction and all that ) but the JC ones can come up in a question and you have to be able to identify it and work with it in a question
JackW — 26/05/16
You have to be familiar with all theorems but you can only be asked to prove 11-13
shaun.wallace.3994 — 26/05/16
last years mock had one was to Prove that the angle at the centre of a circle standing on a given arc is twice the angle at any point of the circle standing on the same arc.
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