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What do i need to learn off by heart for P.2 ?? Theorems etc.
conor1234 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 11/06/16 6

What do we need to know by heart for paper 2? Also, what is the likelyhood of us being asked one of the junior cert theorems?

helpme101 — 10/06/16
I'm learning the construction just in case, the proofs and the formula for congruent triangles.
conor1234 — 10/06/16
@helpme101---Also theorems 1-13 i presume?
saoirsend — 10/06/16
you only need to know theorems 11,12,13
conor1234 — 10/06/16
Thats what i thought but our teacher said they could ask the junior cert ones too, im unsure though
RachaelW19 — 11/06/16
Is this for ordinary
conor1234 — 11/06/16
No this is higher
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