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What topics are in which paper
Svc98 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 10/06/16 18

I want focus on the topics separately which topics are in paper 1 and which are in paper 2

Svc98 — 09/06/16
Higher level btw
aimer — 09/06/16
If u give me your email, I can send you a picture of the list!!
Patrick_4410 — 09/06/16
Svc98 — 09/06/16
Shingichidavaenzi@gmail.com thanks
Grainnemryan — 09/06/16
rgrainne@yahoo.com please !
Jack_6159 — 09/06/16
Could you send it to me too. Jackfitz1454@gmail.com thanks
Vilandas_6368 — 09/06/16
Important to note that there may be some questions from Paper 2 on Paper 1 as well. Not a full question but parts definitely can and often do crossover from paper to paper.
aimer — 09/06/16
Oh my gosh, like what??
shaun.wallace.3994 — 09/06/16
The circle in integration and series and sequences in paper 2
shaun.wallace.3994 — 09/06/16
Depreciation could come up as 75 marker
aimer — 09/06/16
What the hall is depreciation in maths!!?? We do it in accounting, not maths,
Royh_123 — 09/06/16
It's in the front of the exam papers, you can tick off each topic as you revise it if you want. Good luck!
1282 — 10/06/16
Depreciation formula is in your log books dont worry!!
aimer — 10/06/16
Is depreciation on our course??
shaun.wallace.3994 — 10/06/16
Yes in financial maths
ronanomalley — 10/06/16
yeahit is but if we're getting a financial question i'd bet on something on savings, pensions or bonds instead of depreciation
shaun.wallace.3994 — 10/06/16
They haven't asked it yet so it might catch some people out
ronanomalley — 10/06/16
even if they do ask it, it shouldn't really be a difficult question. the depreciation formula is the same as the future value formula, you just take the fractional interest rate away from one instead of adding it theres not really many ways they could make that particularly difficult then again its honours maths so idk
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