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finding it hard to understand and study musuc
Mariamsaraki Leaving Cert Music — 01/03/17 2

any advice on how to study music and get a better understanding of music.I didn't do music for the junior cert i only picked it up for the leaving cert and i'm finding it hard to understand it. I can barely understand what the teacher is saying in class and every-time i ask her questions she gives very vague answers. Any advice would be highly appreciated

Meabh04 — 15/10/16
A teacher's job is to teach, get back to her and keep asking questions until you understand. There are a few people in my class who didn't take it for the junior cert either but they are doing fine so just make sure your teacher starts explaining things better
AaronP47 — 01/03/17
Get a less stress more success book or something similar. I was in the exact same problem your having >having an actual textbook helps surprisingly
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