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    Melody Composition Rules noom

    Does anyone have good notes on or a list of rules for melody writing in the Leaving? My teacher hasn't given us a list and I keep making basic errors because I leave out something important.

    I know it's a big ask but I'd appreciate some help on this.


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      There are so many rules for melody writing! Is there specific problems you can't handle or will I list out the rules?

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      Bar 5 : Variation of bar 1

      Bar 6: Variation of bar 2

      Bar 7 : chord 5 of your modulated key

      Bar 8: Chord 1 of your modulated key

      Bar 9: Chord 1 of your original key

      Bar 10: a sequence of bar 9

      Bar 11: Chord 1 of original key

      Bar 12: chord 5 of original key

      Bar 13: chord 1

      Bar 14: chord 4

      Bar 15: chord 5

      Bar 16: chord 1

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      Thanks, that's very helpful!

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      Bar 14 can be chord 2. Usually preferable

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