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    MINOR KEY IN COMPOSING PAPER!! Katie_OConnor172016

    What do you do in bars 7 and 8 of a minor key? I know you don't modulate but do you just do an imperfect cadence or do you have to put any sharps or flats in or something like that?? Please help someone tell me exactly what to do in the minor key cause more than likely a minor key will be up since it hasn't been up in ages!!

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      A low perfect cadence

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      If minor keys intimidate you so much, I'd recommend you doing Q3 if Q1 is minor because I don't think it's ever happened that both have been minor. Q3 is a dance and they give you a rigid form to stick to, but don't be intimidated by it. It's a very nice question and the rules are pretty much the same with the exception of the form. Best of luck on Thursday!

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