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    Minor melody???? Lode

    How do I compose a 16 bar minor melody?? I have no problems with major and modulation but I have no idea what I'm going to do if minor comes up, can anyone explain properly, please?? I can't find anything online

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      La is do, ti is re, do is mi, etc, it's the exact same from there and you don't have to modulate.

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      what do you do instead of modulating though? do you just do an imperfect cadence ?

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      You can modulate to the major key

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      and then do you just continue in major then ?

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      For minor it's actually easier , you don't have to modulate just use an imperfect cadence

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      A major imperfect cadance

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      Given given given given

      1 5 (major imp cad)

      Seq seq (minor imp)

      1 4 5 1

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      No just bars seven and 8 you modulate to a major key, then go straight back to a minor tonality in bar 9 . You don't have too though you could just do another imperfect cadence instead if it's easier

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