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Music in Senior Cycle?
Ailsing123 Leaving Cert Music — 06/08/16 1

I'm in 3rd going into 4th year and I'm trying to decide what subjects to do in Leaving. I didn't do music in junior cert but i'm thinking about doing it in leaving cert. I am musical and can play the guitar and sing. I was thinking about getting music theory classes to learn how to read music.Do you recommend doing it? is it easy? Aisling

Aisling1998 — 06/08/16
If you do music outside of school you'd definitely be able to do it. You do need to be able to read music though and theory classes are definitely a good idea. If you don't want to do classes pick up a book on music theory and flick through it every so often. I picked it up in 5th year but i'm finding it easy because I'm musical like yourself
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