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My mock paper listening questions are down below (1-5) did anyone get the other mock? if so would they be able to say what was on it please :)
siobhanbmeehan Leaving Cert Music — 22/06/16 2

Listening paper Q.1 Berlioz - un bal Q.2 Beatles - she's leaving home Q.3 Mozart - Movement 3 Q.4 Seachanges - Danse Macabre Q.5 Irish essays - Irish song group/ an instrumental group/ ornamentation/ composer combined trad music with another music style

Caoimhesexton — 22/06/16
H.L Deb pre Q1- Berlioz- marche au supplice Q2 Mozart- movement 3 Q3 Beatles - when I'm sixty four Q4 sea changes - totten dance&dies irae Q5 Irish essays- 1) Irish traditional dance tunes 2) preservation of Edward bunting 3) ceili band tradition 4) ornamentation
siobhanbmeehan — 22/06/16
Ah thats great thank you!!
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