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    Practical Ashleighwyse

    Hi Im currently in 6th year and have to decide my four songs to play on the recorder can anyone give me some suggestions on what to play please? :)

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      your best bet is to pick one slow and one fast, make sure you have a variety in your choices. regards to song suggestions, i wouldn't know. Just make sure the songs you pick, that you are able to perform them to your best ability.

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      I have the square dance and hey there delilah I just need two more :)

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      Fionn óhA

      Try something that was actually written for recorder and set yourself apart from all the other students that had recorders thrown at them in school so they'd have something to do in the practical.

      There's some classy recorder Baroque recorder pieces out there for example, and plenty of them are easy enough.

      Google "easy Baroque recorder pieces" and you'll probably find some cool stuff before too long.

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