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    Subject Choice Bella416866

    I am doing Music in the JC and I really enjoy it but I don't know whether to do it for LC. See I don't play a instrument. I sing but I am not that good. I am doing TY next year and I am thinking of taking up piano but I'll be starting from scratch. Should I choose Music?

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      Yes, it's not about playing an instrument. You should do the subject because you enjoy it!

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      Thanks, I'll see if I like it in TY.

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      I do piano I started it in first year I would reccomend you do trad piano it is a lot easier and quicker to learn then classical which could take years! Also for trad praticals piano you could bring in other players and form sort of a band which would gain high marks 😄 Also I did music technology I would reccomend doing it it's very easy and there is less stress of learning another instrument or singing!

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