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Thoughts on the paper
Sarah Herlihy Leaving Cert Music — 24/06/16 8

What did ye think of the paper today?

Ktluvsmusic — 23/06/16
Yuukichan98 — 24/06/16
Composing was really hard especially when they're both in minors -_-
Sarah Herlihy — 24/06/16
I didn't like the fact that mozart was question one i was hoping for berlioz
Ktluvsmusic — 24/06/16
I left put Mozart cus I was like sure it'll be ten marks fuck it
Ktluvsmusic — 24/06/16
Then he came up so I'd to do it by ear
Sarah Herlihy — 24/06/16
Oh that's sickening what did you think of the rest of it?
Ktluvsmusic — 24/06/16
It was alright, like the composition was alright the harmony was a bit of a sickner but I think the Mozart questions were fair like
Noel_5165 — 24/06/16
It was nice enough. Difficult but manageable the harmony Q5 was quite hard
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