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    Exam question Soban Hussain

    Weird question on LC physics paper .

    Explain how perspiring helps keep a person cool.

    Why is it more difficult to cool down on a humid day

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      John Cena

      Its because the water produced keeps us cool you fat mess. How do you not know this. Just give up

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      Soban Hussain

      that question on why we perspire is ok i know that its just the second one on the humid day

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      Kenneth John

      the reason is it takes energy to convert liquid water into vapour, the water is changing state so this is called latent heat and this is removed from the body so it keeps us cool

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      Kenneth John

      also on a humid day it's harder for the water to change into a vapour as there is so much vapour in the air already so less heat removed from the body so harder to cool down

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