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    HL paper opinions conor1234

    I found it okay overall but there was a few tricky bits. What does everyone else think?

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      Wat did u get for q1

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      I got a b2 in the mocks and all I'm going to say is I'm repeating and 100% dropping physics after today

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      Question 1 was the equilibrium co-planar forces

      I said centre of gravity was found on the point where the metre stick could be balanced on a fulcrum

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      not too bad hope i got an A1 but was probably A2

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      Absolutely awful!!! Definitely didn't get a good grade!

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      thought it was fine, annoying how they put the option question into q12

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      Thought the experiments were awful

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      Yeah i was not expecting those experiment questions, question 10 calculating the current and induced emf in the circuit was difficult

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      chealse fc

      The experiment question were infairness douable .

      The short question were also piss easy . the long questions were just tricky. ..

      Reallly hoping for that big fat C ..

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