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Aineholmes Leaving Cert Physics — 19/06/16 5

hello, any predictions for HL paper ? Experiments, general concepts or chapters ? Thanks - Aine

Aineholmes — 16/06/16
Anyone got any ideas ???������
SeanDoyle42 — 19/06/16
Since it's the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl incident there's talk of nuclear physics coming up as a long question. The fundamental frequency exps are tipped to come up, possibly the hot copper heat experiment too.. but these are just what I've been told so idk
SeanDoyle42 — 19/06/16
Also a full question on light(Ray diagrams, dispersion, the works?)
Aineholmes — 19/06/16
Thankyou !
Mob11 — 19/06/16
Snells law
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