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    Leaving Out Light + Waves airbus125

    Just want to get peoples opinions on not studying light + waves and maybe sound.

    Don't particularly like the chapters and find them hard. I'll still study the experiments however

    Here's my plan on the day of the exam

    Q10 (Particle Physics)

    Q6 (Mechanics)

    Q5 (Short Questions)(will practice commonly asked light q's)

    Q? (Electricity)

    Another question made up of electromagnetism, nuclear physics or electricity?

    Do people think this is okay?


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      I'm the same as you I hate waves, I plan on answering

      Q5: short questions

      Q6: mechanics

      Q10: particle physics

      Q12: medium length questions

      I'm not sure on the last one though it could be Q11 as its really a reading comprehension

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      I definitely think you could do that as thered so much choice on the paper, I was thinking of leaving out circular and simple harmonic motion because our class has only started it today, are the chapters handy or would I be better ofg leaving them out?

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      I'm gonna do heat + mechanics + light and waves + particle physics. Not too sure on electricity yet

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