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    Photocell ? jozx7r

    Do we need to know how to demonstrate the operation of a photocell? I never came across it until now, do we need to know it?

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      Yeah it's on the syllabus we need to now the demonstration of a photocell, I just checked, but I don't know it either!😂

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      Oh god, I don't know this .. haha thank you!

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      There isn't much to it really. Get a photocell, stick it in a circuit with a small emf source (battery)...add in a galvanometer/ampmeter, find a light source, shine it on the photocell and observe current, it will vary as light sources distance from photocell varies since he photocureent is proportional to the light intensity and the intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

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