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Physics disaster
Roberto Mane Leaving Cert Physics — 25/01/17 11

In my final year of secondary school and I can honestly say I've learned little to nothing from doing physics since I puck it up last year, mainly to the credit of my teacher.Long story short I'm extremely demotivated and don't really need physics in the grand scheme of things as I'm already doing 7 other subjects, but dropping out isn't an option because my school doesn't readily facilitate students who want to drop out of doing certain subjects.I'm kind of at a loss because I've got physics 5 times a week but the classes are really humdrum and are of no benefit to me, I would really like to have a study period in place of my physics class in which I could focus my time on something like applied maths... If you guys have any advice to impart it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

E.Devitt — 08/09/16
Honestly I'd go to your year head or even vice principal and tell them exactly that. Let them know that your teacher is useless etc. There's probably other students in the class that feel the same. If your teacher is really to blame then nobody will know anything so if you go with a few others theyll be able to see that this is a big issue
Roberto Mane — 08/09/16
This is the thing E.Devitt- this teacher has been complained about in the past so many times and meetings have been held in attempt to resolve these complaints but nothing, maybe rarely, is anything done about it because as with the judiciary these schools need to protect their teachers even if they are useless.
Dalejohnston — 08/09/16
i have the same issue with one of my teachers have him for both biology and chemistry and nothing can be done no matter how hard you try, teacher does absolutely nothing and we only have months left now and have done basically none of the course, it's ridiculous how a teacher can single handedly ruin kids futures every year and nothing be done when they are complained about.they can't be stopped
Roberto Mane — 22/09/16
So I've had a meeting with my school principal regarding the issue and I brought up the solution of studying applied maths, a subject they don't supply, and she suggested that I take it up with the board of management.What real chance have I got with changing now, if any?
granners — 22/09/16
Luckily in my school, they are facilitating if you drop out of a subject, then you can sit at the back of class and study. Have you spoken to the teacher themselves as maybe they feel that everyone in the class is willing to do the subject. Applied maths is a big subject, , so maybe explain to them that it's of more relevance to you, as you really do need a class everyday in order to do well. At the end of yhe day, I think we get forms in like March where we write down what subjects and what levels we're doing in our leaving cert subjects, so if push comes to shove neglect physics and when the form comes along state how you arent going to sit the exam and get a note from your parents or something along those lines
Roberto Mane — 22/09/16
My principal did mention that it could be a conversation that I'll be having in the near future.She recognises that I'm a genuine case and she's willing to forward my letter to the board of management in a meeting on Monday.If any good comes from it I'm uncertain but one thing's for sure I'm not sitting the leaving cert exam in physics ��
hugh mongus — 05/10/16
you didn't learn much english either
Prodigious1 — 17/10/16
Take up Chemistry tbh
flashgut — 13/11/16
Just walk around the school for physics
flashgut — 13/11/16
Stay in the locker room or something
soup — 25/01/17
how do magnets work?
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