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bouquetpivoine Leaving Cert Physics — 19/06/16 3

If asked to state a law i.e Newton's First Law of Motion, can you just state f=ma and note what they mean or do you have to know the definition?

driving10 — 19/06/16
F=ma is newtons second law of motion. And no, u cannot write the formula. You must write it out in words to get full marks.
what.the.matter.is.the — 19/06/16
Also, it is fnet = ma. .. Second law. Also, F=MA is also a special case for the first one as v-u/t = a, therefor f=kma k=1, f=ma. For first law, state it out. Third law, state it out. You could probably write down fnet=ma for the second law and get away with it but I would state it out and add the formula in.
bouquetpivoine — 19/06/16
woops sorry, brain is fried from study! meant the second law! Yeah I'll just write it out then, thank you!
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