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    5th Year Choices - Religion Roisin3B


    Could anyone give me their experience of doing Religion for the Leaving Cert? I have always liked the subject and writing essays and it seems the exam is based on that. Any information would be helpful as I have to have my subjects picked for Monday!

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      its super awesome!!!!

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      I'm in fifth year and I highly recommend it! I haven't met anyone that would much prefer to do another subject. it's interesting, if you like history and english you'll love it

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      Thanks !:)

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      I would advise against it, the textbook is poor and online resources are limited when it come to directly covering the Aims/Learning Outcomes on the syllabus. That said, the subject itself is quite interesting.

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      Highly recommend it as its a very interesting subject, however it does depend a lot on what kind of ability you have in terms of essay writing as its a tricky subject for a weaker student, also I hate to say it but your teacher. The teacher is really the essential element as not many schools in the country have teachers who teach it.

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