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    Religion exam questions joshm317


    the Religion exam, for many, is quite difficult because of the way you are assessed in the exam. E.g, essay-style questions don't appeal many, the syllabus content, lack of familiarity with exam language...

    I have some exam-questions I did for Religion and I would be more than happy to give these notes to anyone free of charge, and I will also help those who need support in Religion. It's not a hard exam but it is a subject that the majority do not care for, so it is difficult to obtain resources.

    Post if you have any inquiries.


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      Hi Josh, We are actually upgrading our forum to allow students share notes with each other. You should be able to upload your notes to this page next week.

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      Thank you Studyclix!

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      I would greatly appreciate these notes as the format of the exam questions in religion is what I find difficult! are they available online? thanks so much :)

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      that would be a great help! I'm finding it really difficult to find reliable notes on religion and need all the help I can get in regards toe layout :)

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      That would be great if i could use them :) Religion is my worst subject and i need to do well in them

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      if you could send me them it would be great im struggling at the moment thanks

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      if you could send me them it would be great really struggling at the moment!!

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      me too please :-)

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      Yeah please send them on to me too. Thanks!

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      that would be great , have mocks next week dreading the exam

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      I'd love to see your notes!

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      Thats a great help, I would be interested in your notes as there is no resources whatsoever!

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      me too plz

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      Generally there are no notes as its a relatively new subject and the few teachers who teach it are specialists as such and don't widely make their notes available beyond their own class group, however check this out It is updated fairly regularly cannot copy the posts but there are full essays in the form of notes made by the teacher when you click into it....and other interesting links....

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      I would really appreciate any notes for RE please>

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      what sections you need notes on?

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      Me too please :) And thanks for sharing your notes

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      just tell me the sections and i'll see what i can do

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      i need help with all section as im doing the course in 1 year any sample answers of ol sample paper.thanks

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      Me too please I really need any help with Religious Education.Thanks for thinking about sharing, God bless you

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      Hi kieranmctigue ,

      I need notes in all sections if you don't mind, thanks in advance

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      Hi Josh ,

      I need help as well as notes too, thanks in advance, and my email is

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      Please help me, what exactly is one suppose to do on project or coursework for RE? Please help i have no clue since am studying on my own,thank in advance

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      I would be greatly appreciative if you could send me the notes also, thank you.

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      please please help me with what to do on research- topic,thanks in advance, am doing on my own and i have no clue what to do on research and what to research

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      Yes please! How do you get them? :)

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      Any notes on the RE course would be greatly appreciated! :)

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      Too bad Applied Maths and Religion are on at the same time.. really wanted to do it.......

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      Would also appreciate any re notes ! Please send them on josh ! Cheers

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      please send the notes to

      much appreciated

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      I'd also appreciate those notes!!


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      i would hugely appreciate any religion notes!

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      I would really appreciate this! Thank you! email me it to: please :)

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      Send them here please

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      Did anyone get the notes? If they did please forward it to

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      Hey, do you have any notes on Sikhism? I'm finding it really hard to understand it x Thank you

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      yes please

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      where can I see your notes? i would really appreciate it!! :)

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      Any predictions?

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      Eoin Duignan

      Could you send me the notes on please. I am struggling with religion and failed it in my mock. Any predictions for 2016 religion? Thanks. My email is

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      shaun.wallace.3994 please

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      V hollywood

      If anyone has notes or predictions? Please:)

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      miacarroll1 please!!!!!

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      Pleaseee!! Thank you!

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      Pleasee!! Thank you! :)

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