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    Interfaith dialogue Anne Kehoe

    Does anyone have notes on interfaith dialogue? Particularly on the questions that come up for it in the papers?

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      Hello Róisín, hope all your examinations have been running smoothly. I would be delighted to provide you with some of my top class religion notes, particularly on inter-faith dialogue as requested, please forward me your e-mail address and I will do the best I can to assist you! Godspeed.

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      Also, your last minute request for notes on this specific material is a cause for concern. It could be argued that it is in fact too late to be taking in new information for your exam on Friday, especially since the Religion course is so detailed. Have you been keeping up with revision all year?

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      Oh god i mean hello *Anne! God knows why I was calling you Róisín. Excuse me.

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      any chance of a few notes stefbreen?

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      Could i also have some notes too please :

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