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    Length of essays TK97

    I took up religion as an extra subject and am the only one doing it in my school and am a little confused about essay length. I usually write four to five pages for each question, but considering the exam time I don't know if it is possible to write this much! If anyone could advise me I'd really appreciate it :)

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      40 marks... typically 2 pages in half an hour... time keeping is where students go wrong in this subject. make sure to plan your essay and have a strong conclusion and relevant material. how's your coursework coming along?

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      Thanks for your help:) Ya coursework booklet complete but I'm 1000 words over the word count so have to do a lot of editing!! Can you draw in extra lines on the coursework booklet?

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      My teacher doesn't recommend doing that because examiners have the right to only examine information on the lines of the original booklet. If its a fee extra words I say go ahead buy not like a paragraph. Good luck! What sections are you doing? I'm doing Christianity, world religions and issues of justice and peace

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      That's a pity there really isn't a enough space in the booklet. thanks for letting me know though. Ya I'm doing the same except religion and science, even though I doubt I'll have all the sections done by mocks!!

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