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    most common Qs Gormley

    Anyone know what the most common Qs are or the main Qs to focus on?

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      Well its essential u learn philosophy very well because all years except one it was part of the paper, generally there is a pattern in them but I wouldn't risk it I'd cover them all. Myths are common but they came up last year, not saying u should avoid them just be aware of that. Divine revelation is a big possibility as it's been a few years since it appeared and it's a big topic all them transcendent pieces in the first book are important...The agnostic atheist reductionism pieces are important and are a common question now I don't know what topics you've chosen but I do Christianity and world religions. As for Christianity, it's all important and not too hard to learn but the death and trial etc jesus' last days is important pliny and those men are very important too and it's been a few years I'm just too lazy to list they're all on the same page. There isn't a lot info on them so I'd advise going online and getting some Wikipedia is good enough for it, I'd say Martin Luther and them are important to I'd say learn two or three of them in that section now St Paul is very important too as he hadn't been up in a while and the kingdom of God came up laSt year but it's still a key question generally speaking, they're my focus areas I do skim the rest a few times though as for world religions I do buddhism and I learn that chapter very well under the titles listed. Take note of primal religion and them terms and also the cults and new religious movements did come up last year but be able to write an essay on one and it's never very specific it's a general sum up. Definitely skim the rest well the distribution and Irish supports and all that Craic came up recently and I don't really know where they even came from so cover them. And im doing religion and science and I'm covering Darwin galileo the main figures and the ending of life etc. Hope I helped that's my strategy

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      Oh don't forget to do a table with comparison of Judaism and Christianity that's important if your doing world religions

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      Thankyou so much really appreciate your help !! :)

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