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    Non-examination subject at LC A-123St

    Hey everyone,

    My JC religion teacher told us that even though every student in my school has to take religion after the JC, it is not counted as a LC subject. Does anyone know why they would make us take religion classes and then not give us the exam on it? It seems a bit pointless to me. Thanks :)

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      religion class doesn't need a book or anything!

      im in 6th year now and or religion classes are dedicated to dealing with stress levels and discussing problems, its really beneficial and im sure it will be a really big benefit as it gives student a break between classes so you're not too overwhelmed:))

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      So it's more of a SPHE thing, not really a religion syllabus?

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      It's a timetable gap filler

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      Young people in Ireland need to realise there's more to life than the LC. Religion classes help with this realisation - you're given a chance to discuss issues and ideas that you otherwise wouldn't. Apart from reducing stress, if taught properly it can really help you to think critically o.O

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      I think even as a non exam subject we owe our students a good level of exposure to the topics other students are doing with the added advantage of adding the experience of meditation and other elements. Again it does depend on the school however we do owe our pupils a good level of exposure to a world view. :) I agree with Fergus that it is a class to develop critical questioning especially with the world developing as it is.

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