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    Predictions For Lc Religion 2015 RosalleenAljohmani

    The predictions I have are:

    -Plato or the sophists for Unit one

    -Interfaith Dialogue

    -2 studied women

    -New religious movements/Cults such as Scientology, Bahai faith, Hare Krishna movement, Jehovah witnesses etc. (whatever your teacher taught youu) I think you only need to know two.

    -The relationship between Profane and Sacred, Two examples of them.

    - Divine revelation. I think examples in two world religions.

    Anyone have any more please? :)

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      Hey Rosie, I got the same ones and a couple others:

      -Divine revelation

      -Beginning of philosophy

      -Global distribution of religion (never asked b4)

      -Characteristics of feminist theologies (3)

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      Hey Hal? thank you! but What's global distribution of religion? like how would you go about answering that or what would you need to know?

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      It's Ryma, basically it's under section C of the syllabus and basically says 'give an account of global distribution of religion'.

      Which means you talk about the main world religions and where they are geographically, how many followers they have and there percentage. That's what I was told in class anyway

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      Rymaaaaa??!?!?! girl you following me on to other sites hahaha

      hmm never even came across that! Thank you! section C is the only thing that's going to get me through this exam so i don't wanna miss anything out and why is your name hal? you incognito or something :3

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      Hahah nah, I was looking for predictions too

      It's 1.1 in section C x it's the first of half of my second name, Ryma was taken xD

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      yeah yeah yeah, That's what all my stalkers say :3 lel I'm calling you hal from now on :3 but dude i have a big feeling that communities in religious faiths are coming up. hmm

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      Communities in religious faiths? Like Sunni nd Shia in Islam etc ??

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      like the structure i think? shiah and sunni, protestant, catholic and agnostic? I haven't even looked at it tbh but a few said it to me. like as well the communities, the followers to the leaders (bishop - imam) etc

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      Ohh yh i know what you're talking about x Thanks, completely forget that section

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      No problemo ! ahhh I cant learn all this in this amount of days :O fudge

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      Anyone have any predictions for section B,D or I ?

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      Nothing From B but in Section D:

      - Crime and punishment/Politics and environment etc

      - Conscience and moral freedom in the development of a morally mature person

      - Basic Principals of wrong and right processed in: - moral decision making etc or - proposed by any two: Hinduism, Judaism, Islam or Buddhism

      - Factors which influence morality

      - Position of tradition regarding issue e.g euthanasia

      - Religion/Conscience/Understanding of moral Failure

      - Jesus' preaching on the law of love and its influence on one christian denomination.

      That's what my teacher narrowed it down to anyway :/

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      and nothing from section I sorry :(

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