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    Ayúdame!! Hayley_5474

    I really need to learn Spanish but have no idea how to. Any tips?

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      Listen to spanish music, you'd be amazed what goes in. Maybe try Manu Chao he's very listenable

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      Lucie costello

      I recommend finding someone you would be comfortable with and maybe a native spanish speaker . It can be a little intimidating at times but it is definitely the best way to learn a language other than living in the country itself . I'd have good enough spanish if you'd like to practice with me , plus it helps me in return .

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      Dermot O'Connor

      Listen to

      or find videos and other radio stations on

      Skype is also an effective way to converse and improve listening skills , its recommended to find a native , I recommend verbling , its a site where you can find speakers who want to learn Spanish , and you can join groups on hangouts by google,

      I can help you too if you would like :) buena suerte

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