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    Studying Megan_9348

    How do I go about studying a language?? What can I do??

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      practise vocab every night

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      Revise your tenses

      Revse grammar : Irregular nouns etc

      Irregular verbs

      Do writing questions like opinion pieces and diaries (look up new words you use and make note of them)

      Do reading comprehensions off the papers and make note of new vocab you come accross

      And if none of this works then ask your teacher

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      listening is very important in spanish as its 40% of the final marks- practice listening from past exam papers i also find the website languages online very helpful for studying vocab and tenses

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      crap sorry thought this was jc

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      Read as much as you can about your topics of interest in the language you are learning.

      Be familiar with all the basic vocabulary and grammar.

      Listen to the language as much as you can.

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      My teacher said that might be about Crisis of Syria mentioned

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      Share files from your computer